Final World Padel Tour Abu Dhabi 2023

Where can I see World Padel Tour?

Watch World Padel Tour Stream for Free – The World Padel Tour (WPT) is the leading professional padel circuit, featuring the best players and showcasing the most exciting padel action. The good news is that you can watch World Padel Tour matches online for free. Follow these simple steps to stay up-to-date with the latest WPT action:

Visit the official World Padel Tour website ( ) and navigate to the “Live” section. Alternatively, you can also watch WPT matches on their official YouTube channel ( ). WPT uploads full match replays and highlights on their website and YouTube channel, so you won’t miss any thrilling moments if you can’t watch the live streams.

Watch Ale Galan & Juan Lebron on World Padel Your

Where is World Padel Tour headquarters?

World Padel Tour’s headquarters is located at Rosselló Street, 515, Barcelona.

When did World Padel Tour start?

Early World Padel Tour history – World Padel Tour was formed in 2013, meaning 2022 will be the tenth season of the competition. In the early years, the dominant force was the pairing of Fernando Belasteguín and Juan Martín Díaz, Reigning supreme in the first two seasons, they split up at the end of 2014. In their three-and-a-half years together, Fernando Belasteguín (left) and Pablo Lima (right) won 35 tournaments as a pair, the most of any pairing in WPT history. Other top players the first five years were the likes of Maxi Grabiel, Miguel Lamperti, Matías Díaz, Maxi Sánchez and Sanyo Gutiérrez,

Will padel be olympic?

Does padel meet the criteria? – Now we have looked at the main criteria for a sport to be considered for inclusion in the Olympic Games, where does that leave our beloved sport, padel, today? Well, we know there is an international federation that governs the world game, the International Padel Federation,

  • And the Federación Internacional de Pádel​​ (FIP), as it is known in Spanish, adheres to WADA guidelines.
  • That means the first two points are met already.
  • The third point is obviously no issue too – no motor equipment is needed in padel,
  • Just a ball and racket, of which there are many to choose from,

The final point is the one where padel misses out. While the game is played on all continents, it falls short on the number of countries it is played in, especially in the men’s category. However, it is not all bad news. While it doesn’t quite reach the criteria, padel has been given Association of IOC Recognized International Sport (ARISF) status, meaning that it will be monitored on a regular basis as it grows.

How much does it cost to play padel?

Padel tennis has become a fast-growing sport in South Africa, with hundreds of well-established courts nationwide in 2023, despite the first court only arriving in the country in late 2020. Being a fun mixture of tennis and squash, padel can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels.

The growing popularity of this sport is not unique to South Africa, as it has garnered over 25 million players across 90 countries worldwide. According to, padel is now Spain’s second most popular sport after soccer, with 6 million players and 20,000 courts countrywide. Argentina is estimated to have over 2 million players, while Italy boasts around 5,000 courts countywide.

In 2023, there will be 15,000 new padel courts currently under construction across Europe, the group said. While the sport has a similar scoring system to tennis, its plays, courts and racquets are very different. The courts are enclosed and gameplay allows for the ball to be played off them.

The racquets, meanwhile, are solid and stringless. The sport has become so popular that it is increasingly being included in international events, with the aim of getting it into the Olympics. Despite its rapid growth, however, it has been virtually unknown in South Africa until very recently, South Africa The first padel court arrived in South Africa in late 2020 when Action Padel SA built two courts in Cape Town.

More courts followed shortly after across South Africa – including in Johannesburg, KwaZulu Natal, the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. Speaking to Daily Maverick, the CEO of Africa Padel, James Baber, said there are roughly 176 padel courts nationwide as of the end of 2022 – with more courts opening up in Gqeberha, Knysna and Ballito, among other places, in 2023. How to book and the costs to play The best way to book is through the global app Playtomic, which most padel companies, including Africa Padel – South Africa’s largest Padel company – uses as their booking system. Using Playtomic, those who want to play can set up an account and easily book a court closest to them. However, racquets can also be rented for R40 to R50, depending on where you play. You’ll also need padel balls, which are similar to tennis balls but smaller with less bounce. A can of balls must be bought; however, once you’ve bought them, you can use them for future games.

Which countries have the most padel courts?

Padel Courts by Country – Spain has the highest number of padel courts with over 22,120 known courts.3,811 of Spain’s courts were built in 2021. Countries with padel courts Sweden has second place in the total number of padel courts with 5,740 courts. And Italy sits just behind in third place with 5,340 courts. Both Italy and Sweden have experienced padel court growth of over 300% from 2019 to 2022. Here are top padel countries by number of padel courts: A global shortage of padel courts hampers the sport’s growth

Country Padel Courts
Spain 22,120
Sweden 5,740
Italy 5,340
Argentina 4,900
France 1,669
Belgium 1,539
Portugal 1,363
Finland 963
Netherlands 966
Denmark 744
Norway 329

Source: Brainy Insights Germany, France, and the UK display high growth potential with large populations and limited padel court availability. While in mature markets like Spain, Sweden, and Finland, there are more padel courts than tennis courts. Argentina has the fourth largest number of padel courts in the world with roughly 4,900 courts (Argentine Association of Padel ).

Who is the founder of padel?

History of padel Padel as a sport originated in 1969 in the Mexican beach resort of Acapulco. The founder of padel. Enrique Corcuera, was a rich business man. At home, he didn’t have enough space to put in a tennis courts, so he came up with a similar sport.

  • He created a court that was 10 by 20 metres in size and surrounded by 3-4 metre high walls.
  • A net divided the court into two equal sides.
  • Because of the smaller playing field, he decided to play with wooden rackets that were smaller than traditional tennis rackets.
  • In the beginning, padel was only played by the Mexican elite, but through Alfonso De Hohenlohe, a Spanish friend of Corcuera, it ended up in Spain.

De Hohenlohe introduced the sport in Marbella, where the first European padelclub was founded in 1974. The first players were all rich friends of De Hohenlohe. When Spanish king Juan Carlos and ex-Wimbledon champion Manolo Santana started promoting the sport, its popularity rose quickly.

  1. The development of the sport took another great leap as a friend of De Hohenlohe, Julio Menditengui, brought the sport to Argentina.
  2. In Argentina, padel grew to become a national sport with more than 10,000 courts and 2 million players.
  3. In Spain the amount of players already reached 1 million in the 90s making it one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

In 2014 it was estimated that all over the world more than 10 million people were playing the sport. Spain and Argentina remain. to this day, the top countries in official tournaments and international competition. The first World Championships were organised in 1992 in Seville, Spain with delegations from 11 different countries from Europe and America participating.

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Who owns apt padel?

The tour was founded in 2020 by Fabrice Pastor, chief executive of events organiser Monte Carlo International Sports.

Is padel popular in Asia?

The growth of padel throughout the world is striking, but as this happens, there are areas where the development of our sport attracts more attention. The growth of padel in Western Asia is really striking. There are already more countries that have padel courts than those that do not.

  • It is evident that the investment capacity in that area is a determining factor for this.
  • And the padel has a presence in very different countries, especially by geographical extension.
  • From the largest such as Saudi Arabia or Iran to the smallest such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon or Qatar,
  • And it is paradoxical that the countries with the most padel courts belong to the smallest group.

The United Arab Emirates and Kuwait are at the head of the countries with the largest number of padel courts in Western Asia. Kuwait with more than 450 courts and the United Arab Emirates with almost 550. The growth of Kuwait has taken place in less time than that of the United Arab Emirates. This in terms of numbers. If we refer to the development of the sport, the United Arab Emirates is where the most academies have been created and where we can see the most spectacular clubs. Also some chains of clubs where importance is being given to training.

In this sense we must not forget about Qatar. It is one of the first countries in the area where padel appeared and although its growth in terms of courts is not spectacular, they already know the sport at a higher level than most countries. Both in the United Arab Emirates and in Kuwait and Qatar, there are many foreign trainers who impart their knowledge,

As you can imagine, the majority are Spanish and Argentine. The significant growth in a short time is a common denominator in several countries. This is the case of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman where a year ago the presence of padel was practically testimonial and 12 months later the panorama is very different.

They are adding courts within their borders at a very good pace and especially in Saudi Arabia and to a lesser extent in Oman, the geographical extension means that there is still a huge margin for growth. In this last year, in fact, there are two countries such as Jordan and Lebanon, which have joined the club of countries with padel courts in Western Asia.

In Lebanon, in a very short time they are about to reach 20 courys and there are projects so that padel continues to grow. It should also be noted that there are countries like Iran or Israel in which it is difficult to add courts. Although this does not prevent the interest in padel from continuing to grow on the existing courts. Especially in Iran, where numerous tournaments have already been held and where, in principle, there is an intention to build more courts in various areas of the country.

Why is padel suddenly popular?

Why is padel SO popular? Padel is growing at a rapid rate across the world, countries such as Sweden, United Arab Emirates and Netherlands are ALL experiencing a padel boom. It leads everyone to the common question “Why is padel so popular?” With all your favourite celebrities playing the game now including David Beckham, Neymar, the Liverpool football team, and influencers such as Jay Shetty all publicly playing and promoting the sport, let’s have a look at why this sport is growing so fast.

Here are 7 reasons to answer “why is padel so popular?”. Padel has become popular due to three factors, it is easy, simple, and fun. These factors help anyone of all ages and abilities enjoy the sport. When anyone wants to come to a new sport, they want to be able to play it easily and have fun, and not be frustrated by how tricky it is.

For beginner players, padel is easy, the technique is not too complicated and someone of a low level can have fun and rallies with someone of a very high level. Padel will get a LOT harder when trying to move to that next level, and learning the perfect technique of specific shots is just as hard as other sports, but for new players, it is simple and easy! A very simple game, people of all abilities and ages can hop on the court and understand the rules. Why is padel so popular? Padel is so popular because of the social aspect of the game, players get to meet a lot of different people and make new friends while playing a great sport. If you join a padel club, then you will meet a lot of new people, the sport has to be played in doubles, which means every time you play, you are playing with 3 other people.

Smaller court (forcing people closer). Always doubles, forcing people to communicate. Tournaments + mix ins increase people speaking together.

Why is padel so popular now?

2. Padel is a Social Sport – We believe this is possibly the number one reason that Padel is so popular. The sport is very social for a number of reasons, one of them being the fact that the sport is normally played as doubles. Essentially bringing larger groups of people together to enjoy the game and spread the word. It’s almost as if the social aspect of playing at a club and making friends is supercharged by the fact that there are twice as many people playing on the court together at a time as a standard.

Why is padel so expensive?

You realise that you need a new padel racket, you start your journey to search for the perfect one for you, and then the question hits you. “Why are padel rackets SO expensive?”. I can relate to this, when I first started playing padel, I was shocked that they STARTED at around £50, let alone the ones that went for £300+.

  • Since then, I have learnt why this is, and a couple of ways you can save money in the buying process.
  • But why are padel rackets so expensive? There is a long production process that takes place when designing the padel rackets, with expensive materials and technologies being used.
  • Also the factor of high demand comes into play.

Let’s review this further: why are padel rackets so expensive? Why are padel rackets so expensive? The material is a big factor. I think a good way to look at this is to compare a padel racket to a tennis racket. In a tennis racket, you have a very thin frame, and then the rest of the racket is strings. Not too much material here.

Does USA have padel?

The rise of Padel in the USA. – Padel is a relatively new sport in the United States, but it is gaining popularity quickly. The first courts in the US were built in Florida in the 1990s, but the sport did not gain much traction until more recently. In recent years, however, padel has started to take off in several states, including Florida, Texas, California, and New York.

  1. One of the main reasons for the rise of padel in the US is the efforts of organizations like the United States Padel Association (USPA) and the American Platform Tennis Association (APTA) to promote the sport and build new padel courts.
  2. These organizations have been working to educate people about padel and to encourage the construction of new courts in public parks, private clubs, and other venues.

Another factor contributing to the rise of padel in the US is the sport’s appeal to a wide range of players, from beginners to experienced tennis and sports players. Padel is a relatively easy sport to learn, but it also offers a lot of room for skill development and strategy.

Is padel the fastest growing sport?

Padel, the racket sport born in Mexico, has transcended borders and captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide, particularly gaining traction in Europe. Here’s why you should join the padel phenomenon. Novak Djokovic set another incredible record in the history of men’s singles tennis on Sunday winning an unprecedented 23rd Grand Slam title with victory over Casper Ruud at Roland Garros.

  • But there are some who are predicting the sport may soon be eclipsed in size and popularity by padel.
  • Ever heard of it? If not, allow me to introduce you to this brilliant and rapidly expanding pastime.
  • Padel is a doubles racket discipline that combines elements of tennis and squash, and is played on a shrunken-down court with glass walls and a lower net.

In recent years it’s exploded in popularity and is the fastest growing racket sport in the world. Celebs like David Beckham, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Sylvain Wiltord and Neymar have all jumped on the padel bandwagon. Even Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool Football Club, couldn’t resist and got a court installed at their training ground.

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But here’s the thing: despite its remarkable rise to fame, many of us have been left in the dark about this sporting sensation. It’s time to catch up and get in on the action. So we spoke to Sandy Farquharson, the founder of The Padel School, a renowned educational platform at the forefront of the sport.

With Sandy’s expertise and deep understanding of padel, we’ve crafted a comprehensive guide that encompasses all the essential aspects of the game. Now, let us commence our journey from the inception of the game, delving into its origins and evolution.

Why is padel so popular in UAE?

Why has it become so popular? – There are a lot of reasons for its exponential rise — starting with the fact it can be played by almost everyone. “The thing about padel is that you don’t need to get to a certain level to have fun,” says Audrey Descols of Matcha Club, a boutique padel venue that opened in Dubai’s Al Quoz last year. UAE TV presenter Katie Overy, right, with friends during her first padel experience. The sport is taking off in the UAE thanks to its sociability factor. Photo: Katie Overy Overy echoes a similar sentiment. “It’s a sport that’s very easy to play but hard to master.

  1. Tennis can get technical, but with padel you have that racquet and you just have to hit the ball.
  2. But hitting the ball in a certain way — calculating the rebounds — is another thing.” “I like it because it’s very sociable.
  3. There are people who were acquaintances that I’ve gotten closer to as we play together.

I’ve definitely seen more people picking up the sport lately.” The sociability factor of the sport is one that makes it a popular choice to play. Since padel tennis requires four people, many are often introduced to the sport by friends who need a third or fourth member.

  1. Some UAE venues — such as Just Padel — also match players according to skill level, if needed.
  2. Saeed Mohamed Al Marri, secretary general of the UAE Padel Association, says that “the first challenge is to get someone to try the game for the first time.
  3. After that, it becomes a lifestyle.
  4. As you play, the game gets easier.

It’s a social gathering for friends.” He also credits the popularity of the game in the UAE to the tremendous support it’s received from the country’s leaders. “The game was introduced by Sheikh Hamdan in 2013. The UAE Padel Association was formed soon after in 2014. Eisa Al Marzooqi from the UAE Padel Association says that more people take to indoor sports like padel owing to the UAE’s warmer weather. Photo: Eisa Al Marzooqi Al Marzooqi says that he has seen interest from people from all over the world — irrespective of playing ability or gender.

Is padel profitable?

This growth responds to an unprecedented increase in demand, which has NOT slowed down during the pandemic. Especially in Spain, which led the ranking of Padel Courts and clubs in 2021. Figures that already exceed those of tennis, and that make this sport a most profitable business in the future, when it is expected that the demand continues to grow.

Can you make money from padel?

How much money does a padel player earn? The controversy of the Spanish padel championship has raised doubts about how much a padel player earns and why some male players were incentivised with 5,000 euros for attending the tournament. The World Padel Tournament that Spain won in the men’s and women’s categories in Doha also raises the question of whether a player can amass a fortune for playing padel.

No, the male padel player does not earn large sums of money and even less so the girls. What’s more, most of the players in the top 10 of the rankings have advertising contracts that bring them more money than the World Padel Tour tournaments, but they have to play in the WPT for the brands to notice them.

It’s a circle within the reach of a few. Hence the extra 5,000 euros offered by the organiser of the Spanish Championships to the top players in the WPT rankings. Those players wouldn’t have given lustre to the tournament because the 30,000 euros that the pair that lifts the title can win is a smaller amount than what they can win in a WPT event where more money is distributed according to the phase.

With that extra they make it worth playing in the championship. Top level padel is organised by WPT, a kind of ATP of tennis that is in charge of moving this sport all over Spain with several trips to Mexico, Sweden or Buenos Aires. This calendar is closed with the Spanish Padel Federation and the International Padel Federation so that there are dates on which World, European and Spanish Championships can be held.

It has no direct competition because WPT has been very careful to tie down its stars and avoid leaks to another competition in the making that could come to Europe in the coming years, the APT Padel Tour. This new circuit is already offering players from previous tournaments money to avoid playing these rounds costing them money. The boys share 105,840 euros and start winning money from the 1/16 round where the 32 participants get 529 euros each. The champion pair pocket €10,584 each. The girls share 40,320 euros, i.e.60% less. A pair that falls in the quarter-finals earns 856 euros per player and the pair that wins the tournament, 3,830 euros each.

The amount distributed is 92,090 euros and they start awarding 287 euros to each player from the quarter-finals of the qualifying round. The winning pair pocket 9,209 euros each. The girls share 35,280 euros from the 1/16 finals with 249 euros per player. The pair that lifts the final trophy will receive a cheque for 3,351 euros per player.

This type of trophy serves to motivate and give an economic incentive to the couples who cannot reach the final stages. The prize money is just 15,000 euros. In 1/16 they pocket 131 euros and the champions 1,425 euros per player. The girls share 10,000 euros. This is the big event of the season and only the best eight pairings in the WPT ranking take part. The prize money is 110,880 euros. The reserve pairing gets 2,217 euros; in the quarter finals, each player gets 3,742 euros; in the semifinals 5,821 euros; the finalists 11,088 euros each and the winners 16,632 euros per racket.

The girls have again seen their prizes cut in relation to the boys. An amount of 45,360 euros. The reserve pair pocket 322 euros; in the quarter-finals 1,530 per player; 2,381 in the semi-finals; 4,536 for the finalists and 6,804 for the winners. It is true that the prizes in the women’s category have improved economically in recent years and the level is very good.

It is not as forced a discipline as women’s football. Girls’ padel is very well accepted and followed by the fans. With these prizes we can conclude that of the 789 male and 461 female players in the WPT, a very small percentage can make a living playing padel and can’t risk injury or excessive physical wear and tear in tournaments where there isn’t much money at stake because their future is the WPT prizes.

Where is padel famous?

One of Europe’s fastest growing grassroots sports, Padel is easy to play, fun and sociable – and it’s just been officially recognised as a form of tennis. Loved by famous sporting figures and played across the globe, find out more about one of the world’s fastest-growing sports.1) Padel was invented in Mexico in the 1960s Although a similar sport was played on British cruise ships and in Washington and New York in the 1910s – a game appropriately named platform tennis – it was in 1969 when padel, as it is played today, was created.

Mexican businessman Enrique Corcuera set up the first-ever padel court at his holiday home in Acapulco – and the rest is history.2) Padel is played in doubles Padel courts are designed for four players and are roughly 25 per cent smaller than the size of a tennis court. The speed of the game, combined with the smaller size of a padel court, makes singles play difficult, and most padel matches feature two pairs of players.

Some padel courts are designed especially for singles, but around 90 per cent of all padel courts in the world are doubles specific. At a professional level only doubles is played on the World Padel Tour, the leading competition for elite players. Image: People play a padel match in Bois d’Arcy near Paris (Picture Credit:

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Padel receives recognition as a discipline of tennis Aussie Open details to be finalised ‘very soon’ Dan Evans: The state of British tennis, Andy Murray and 2021

3) Padel rules are similar to tennis – but you serve underarm In padel scoring is the same as tennis – but there are many differences between the sports. A padel court has walls, so shots can be played off them, like in squash. Also, unlike tennis, when a ball is served it must bounce once on the floor then hit from below, or at, waist height. Image: Barcelona star Lionel Messi is a huge fan of padel Arguably the world’s best footballer, Lionel Messi, is known to be a huge fan of padel. The sport – which is played by around two million people in his native Argentina – is popular with many footballers, with the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Gerard Pique and Francesco Totti also known to be regular players.

Messi is such a fan that he has a court at his home in Barcelona, Spain, and has been seen playing there against former team-mate Luis Suarez.5) It’s the second-most-popular sport in Spain Not only is padel wildly popular in Argentina, but it’s most commonly played in Spain. The European country has more than 20,000 padel courts, with an estimated four million active players.

Behind football, it’s the country’s second-most-popular sport.6) Jamie Murray has played in a professional padel tournament Another well-known padel advocate is seven-time Grand Slam champion Jamie Murray. The former doubles World No 1 tennis player has described padel as ‘a social sport I play with my friends’ and even took part in a British Padel Tour event in 2015.7) Padel balls are smaller than tennis balls On first glance padel and tennis balls are almost identical – but there’s a big difference.

Download the Sky Sports Scores App: Apple | Android The UK’s No 1 scores app: Find out more

8) Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp plays padel with his coaches Image: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp plays padel with his coaches In an interview with the Daily Mirror it was revealed that football manager Jurgen Klopp is a regular on the padel court – and he uses the game as a place to discuss ideas with his coaches.

His assistant manager, Pep Lijnders, said: “The game has been a nice distraction from our daily routine. And yet, sometimes we come up with the best ideas to solve issues during these games. “We sit down on a bench in between two sets and we discuss solutions for football problems. In fact, we do that a lot.

When you are constantly playing matches or doing top-level training sessions every day, there is no time to wind down. “So these games are the perfect moments to relax.” 9) There are more than 6,000 padel players in the UK As of November 2020, there are around 6,000 active padel players across the UK.

There are also currently 82 padel courts in Britain at 45 clubs – a number that is set to grow substantially over the coming years. (10) Padel is not an Olympic sport (yet) While padel is not an Olympic sport there have been many calls for it to become one, as it continues to grow worldwide. Currently padel is played in 57 countries across the world – in order to qualify as an Olympic sport, the sport must be played in at least 75 countries.

As it continues to go global, let’s watch this space padel fans! The LTA has been recognised as the national governing body for Padel. Find out more about how the organisation plans to grow the sport in the UK and how you can get involved at

Is padel a posh sport?

The world’s fastest-growing racket sport PADEL is beloved by posh people and celebrities from David Beckham to Andy Murray and dates back to 19th century

Where is paddle most popular?

Padel, a cross between squash and tennis is one of the fastest-growing sports globally and is most popular in Spain.

Where can I watch World Padel Tour in the UK?

BT Sport to broadcast World Padel Tour in United Kingdom and Ireland

British broadcasting network BT has acquired the rights to televise World Padel Tour in the United Kingdom and in Ireland.This means WPT can now be seen on television in 121 different countries around the world across all continents.The best padel of the world will be added to BT Sport’s impressive line-up, which includes the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, the Premier League, UFC, MotoGP, boxing, WWE and much more.BT Sport will offer World Padel Tour effective immediately, allowing British and Irish fans to follow all of the action from their homes.Welcome to World Padel Tour, BT !

: BT Sport to broadcast World Padel Tour in United Kingdom and Ireland

How much money do you win for the World Padel Tour?

World Padel Tour multiplies Challenger prize money for 2022

World Padel Tour has announced it will almost triple the prize money for the six Challenger events in 2022, with equal prize money for men and women.This season will feature more Challenger events than ever before, with tournaments in Getafe, Albacete, Mallorca, Calanda, Valencia and finally Córdoba, where the first-ever Challenger Final will be held.All of it allows players of lower ranking – below 12th in men’s and below eighth in women’s – to accrue more points over the course of the season to close the gap between themselves and the players above.It will now be paired with the announcement of prize money increasing by 180%, World Padel Tour and Ultimate Padel Company have announced.

In 2021, the total prize money at an event between the men’s and women’s Circuits was 25.000 euros – 15.000 for the men, 10.000 for the women. In 2022, it will increase to 70.000 per event with equal prize money for the men and women, This will already be the case at the Tau Cerámica Getafe Challenger 2022, the first Challenger event of the season from the 27th of March until the 3rd of April.

How many padel courts are there in the world?

Padel Court Growth in Europe – With over 40,000 known padel courts globally in 2022, over 31,401 are located in Europe. The number of padel courts in Europe is expected to grow by 26% annually to 66,908 padel courts in 2025 (Padel Lands, All For Padel, Local federations). Countries with data: Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Germany, UK, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway.

Year Padel Courts in Europe
2025 66,908*
2024 56,269*
2023 39,238*
2022 31,401*
2021 26,413
2020 20,115
2019 16,167
2018 13,613
2017 11,884
2016 10,151

Note: Values with asterisks are estimated. Countries with data: Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Germany, UK, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway. Padel Court Booking Prices Around the World

City Price (€ / Court / hour) Representative Club
NYC 120 Padel Haus
Dubai 80 Oxygen Padel Sport Academy
Stockholm 45 Padel Zenter Årsta
Milano 40 Padel Club Milano
Barcelona 36 Fes Padel
Berlin 36 Padel FC
Palermo 30 Cocco Club
Alicante 26 Bela Padel Center
Mexico City 26 20×10 Padel Pedregal
Gran Canaria 24 El Drago
Madrid 21 Madrid Centra Padel

Padel prices vary significantly with the cost of living, the cost of real estate, and court availability vary by city. With just a couple of courts, New York-based Padel Haus is the most expensive court our survey found with the on-peak rate for non-members at $55/player/hour,

How to book padel at pirates?

Book online by clicking “book now” on this home page. Alternatively, download the ” Playtomic ” app on your mobile phone and create a profile. Search for Johannesburg Padel Clubs and select ClubPadel Pirates. You can then select your date and time for your court booking and pay online via the credit card you have entered on the app.

You can also select “pay my part”, which will only charge you for your portion of the game and then you can extend the invitation to your playing partners who’s credit card will be debited on acceptance of the match invitation (just like a split fare on uber). The match will be booked and confirmed as long as one individual has “payed your part”.

All outstanding balances can be settled when you arrive at the club. The courts are charged at R400 p/hour (R100 p/person p/hour). YES! We have everything you need to play a game of padel. We rent rackets at R50 per racket and we sell padel balls for R130 a sleeve which are yours to keep and you can use for all future games.

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